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Released: 2010
Genre: RPG / 3D / 3rd Person
Developer: BioWare
Publisher: Electronic Arts
Platform: PC
Publication Type: Repack
Language: English

The game "Dragon Age: Home" marks the return to the origins of the developers role-playing game genre and represents a fusion of the best visual effects, thrilling plot, dynamic combat, incredible magical abilities and realistic characters. In the dark ancient legend, "Dragon Age: Home" once again revives the spirit of classic role-playing games.
In "Dragon Age: Getting" the player will assume the role of the Grey Guards, one of the last representatives of the ancient order. When the world threatens the evil tends to destroy all living things need a hero, able to unite fragmented land and destroy the dragon named Arhidemon. For the sake of restoring peace to the player to make the tough decisions and be prepared to sacrifice their friends and loved ones for the benefit of all mankind. As the story to him over and over again have to make a decisive choice that determines the fate of other heroes of the game.

In addition "Dragon Age: Home - Awakening" Grey Guards - Ancient Order of defenders vowed to unite and protect the earth - they fought with outgrowths of darkness. Legend has it that the destruction of Arhidemona put an end to the centuries-old threat from the creatures of darkness, but somehow they survived. You - Captain Grey Guards and you entrusted the duty to restore the Order of the Grey Guard and the secret creatures of darkness, and how they managed to vyzhit.Kak you recreate your order, how to resolve the conflict with the "architect" and how to determine the fate of the broods of Darkness - all just a few of that set of solutions that will be part of your perilous journey across the lands amaranthin.
Game features:
The striking expansion of the world: the most extensive universe of BioWare becomes even more due to a new territory to explore - Amarantina
* Discover the secrets of creatures of darkness and their true motives
* Recreate the Order of the Gray Guard and equip its base in Fortress Monitors
* Lots of new moral dilemmas: Immerse yourself in an epic story, completely determined by your style of play
* Affects the whole gaming experience their choices and decisions in difficult situations
* New ways to develop your hero: Experience the additional spells, abilities, expertise and supplies, allowing even wider set of your character and the party
* Move your character from the Dragon Age: Start or begin anew in the role of the Gray Guard from neighboring Genua
* Met with five brand new party members and loved ones from Dragon Age: Home
* Even more furious and brutal battles: Fight the new terrifying creatures
* Check your skills in battle with the most advanced and intelligent representatives of the creatures of darkness and other fearsome creatures such as Infernal and Spectral Dragon!

Minimum System Requirements
- Operating system: Windows XP SP3/Vista SPl / Windows 7;
- Processor: Intel Core 2/Athlon 1964 1,6 GHz (Intel Core 2 1,8 GHz / Athlon 2,2 GHz • Windows Vista / Windows 7);
- Video card: GeForce 6600 GT / Radeon X850GT Memory 128 MB (GeForce 7600 GT / Radeon H1550 with 256 MB memory for Windows Vista / Windows 7);
- RAM: 1 GB (1.5 GB for Windows Vista / Windows 7);
- DirectX 9.0c - compatible sound card;
- 21 GB of free hard disk space + 1 GB in the folder "My Documents" (for the additional content)

Features repack:
-Do not cut. All the textures on the ground.
- The original, and the addition of downloadable content in one bottle!
- Videos slightly constricted in lower bitrate
- Game updated to version 1.03
- Installed all official downloadable content
- Installer is divided into 2xDVD5


1. Extract 
2. Create virtual drives to install the game 
3. (Important) _ When the key claim you press Ctrl + Alt + Del (Open Task Manager) risk process End of the Dragon Age Code.exe go 
4. Down in the ce crack to crack 
5. Game: Ma (25): 


Dragon Age: Origins + Awakening (2010/ENG/Repack)
Dragon Age: Origins + Awakening (2010/ENG/Repack)
Dragon Age: Origins + Awakening (2010/ENG/Repack)
Dragon Age: Origins + Awakening (2010/ENG/Repack)

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