Sunday, February 20, 2011

Windows 7 ALL iN One 20 in 1 | 32 & 64 Bit Mediafire

Windows 7 AİO 20 in 1 | Bootable ISO | 3.84 GB

Windows 7 is easy, fast and eye-catching is an operating system. Lists and improved splash task bar to find and preview files, such as better ways of managing everyday tasks more quickly helps. Windows 7 is designed for faster and more reliable performance, so that works the way you want your personal computer. 64-bit support, the latest you can take full advantage of powerful personal computers. In addition, Home Group, Windows Media Center and Windows great features such as touch provides new possibilities. Get familiar with the operating system, Windows 7 and what you do with your personal computer, making it easier to find out how.

Windows XP Model
Mode for Windows XP, Windows 7 (Windows 7 for Windows XP Mode: XPM), Windows XP (SP2/SP3) compatible programs on Windows 7 WindowsXP interface that provides a kind of comfort working with "virtualization" feature. This feature is a Windows XP SP3 Windows 7 içerisinegömülmüş contains a copy so that all programs compatible with the WindowsXP, Windows 7 compatible with a şekildeçalıştırılabilmektedir. For example, Internet Explorer 6, Windows MediaPlayer 9 programs such as the old version, kullanılabilmektedir.XPM Windows 7, Windows Virtual PC is based on features. With XPM, program compatibility has increased to 100%. XPM, daadlandırılabilir as backward compatibility. Already this feature, Microsoft, Windows 7 is the first period in question was identified as backward compatibility. Additionally, Windows XP-compatible hardware are also included in this feature. Buözellik, Windows 7 Professional, Enterprise and Ultimate sürümlerindekullanılabilecektir. Windows XP Mode is a need to use at least 2 GBRAM'e and 64-bit versions of Windows 7 at least 2 GB RAMgerektirmektedir, so a XPM'li at least for Windows 7 64 bit sürümünükullanmak to have 4 GB of memory is required.
Transparent Window:
Aero Peek, your desktop and open the program window must be designed to continuously olarakhakim. Most for the job of the taskbar sağınayeni a "Show Desktop" icon attached. This comes on top of transparent geldiğinizdetüm open windows to the desktop or throw gadget'laragöz becomes possible.
When you click on the icon you know the "Show Desktop" sürecigerçekleşiyor. In the same way that you want to observe a very helpful feature is pencereyiodaklama. A preview for this task bar imlecinigörev mouse pointer over the window. All other open windows except the window you bring İmleciüzerine new "Show Desktop" in a similar way to the effect becomes transparent.
Thus, you want to switch focus to the window is realized much more quickly.

New Keyboard Shortcuts:
* Alt + P in the window or off the preview option.
* In front of all windows Windows + G Desktop Gadgets brings.
* Windows + + (plus key) is in the appropriate position opens the Zoom option, and closer.
* Windows + - (minus key) is in the appropriate locations on and off the Zoom option is.
* Windows + Up arrow active window to full screen size enlarges.
* Windows + Down arrow will minimize the active window.
* Windows + Left arrow to the left side of the window and the screen reduces dayar.
* Windows + Right arrow to the right side of the window and the screen reduces dayar.
* All windows except the active window Windows + Home reduces or enlarges.

Found inside the Windows 7 version:

Windows 7 Starter (x86)
Windows 7 HOMEBASIC (x86)
Windows 7 HOMEPREMIUM (x86)
Windows 7 PROFESSIONAL (x86)
Windows 7 ULTIMATE (x86) "
Starter N Windows 7 (x86)
Windows 7 HOMEBASIC N (x86)
Windows 7 HOMEPREMIUM N (x86)
Windows 7 PROFESSIONAL N (x86)
Windows 7 ULTIMATE N (x86)
Windows 7 ENTERPRISE (x86)
Windows 7 ENTERPRISE (x64)
Windows 7 Starter (x64)
Windows 7 HOMEBASIC (x64)
Windows 7 HOMEPREMIUM (x64)
Windows 7 PROFESSIONAL (x64)
Windows 7 ULTIMATE (x64) "
Windows 7 ENTERPRISE (x64
Starter N Windows 7 (x64)
Windows 7 HOMEBASIC N (x64)
Windows 7 HOMEPREMIUM N (x64)
Windows 7 PROFESSIONAL N (x64)
Windows 7 ULTIMATE N (x64)



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